quality is our priority

We ensure reliable safety and security through the use of technology.

The overall quality of all our products are strictly based on JIS standards, ISO9001, customer quality regulations, and our own regulations.

In addition to the professional overseeing of any dimensions and shapes based on the specified design drawings, we also carry out careful checks on the state of plating and surface scratches.

Even in Indonesia, quality control is the key to upholding the name of the Fuji Precision brand.

Quality Effort

Obtained ISO9001 certification

iso9001 p1
iso9001 p2

Testing machines and measuring instruments from various angles that verify safety procedures.

Screw tightening characteristic tester machine

It conforms to JIS B 1084 (fastening parts tightening method) and is specified for measuring characteristic values through tightening.

Amsler Tensile Universal Testing Machine

Used for guaranteed load test.


Magnification for up to 1000x is possible. Compared to conventional projectors, shapes can be checked with greater accuracy.

The Issuance of various certification materials

Records of product quality are strictly measured according to our regulations, and various certificates can be issued upon request.

If you have a specific certificate in mind, please contact us.

Certificate Example

Inspection report
RoHS command substances assurance
Steel inspection certificate